Osiris Network


Nowadays, composite materials and complex plastics are materials with a high added value. However, these materials are still a long way from joining the circular economy. The lack of reprocessability and the difficulty to repair and recycle composite materials significantly increases their cost, while also causing severe environmental problems.


Osiris Network Mission

Adquire the skills to drive recycling of composites and complex plastic materials by means of innovative initiatives that improve the profitability of the recycling process while generating market-oriented high added value by-products in a global environment of collaboration between technology centres and businesses.


Become a national and international benchmark in developing technology for recycling composite materials and mixtures of complex plastics and in reformulating high added value products using recycled materials from composites, in turn driving the whole Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System with a clear vocation to disseminate and promote its results.


The OSIRIS network aims to set up a new production and consumption model that minimises waste generation and makes the best possible use of unavoidable waste. In this respect, it follows these three strategic lines:

  • Developing recycling technology
  • Recovering materials obtained in intermediate products
  • Processing intermediate products in demonstrators that validate the applied technology

As a whole, this aims to boost the inclusion of recycled material to substitute fossil fuels, encouraging circularity.


Project overview


Acronym OSIRIS
Title Strategic cooperation in technologies for the circular economy of composites and complex plastic materials with high added value.
Dossier CER-20211009
Call Certification and grants for “Cervera” Technology Centres of Excellence 2020
Programme Spanish Programme on Generating Knowledge and Strengthening Science and Technology in the R&D&I System, from the Spanish Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research Plan 2021-2023
Time frame January 2021 to December 2023