Osiris Network


The OSIRIS network aims to set up an alliance between “Cervera” Centres of Excellence (GAIKER, AIMPLAS , AITEX, CIDAUT) in circular economy technologies, to strengthen R&D&I capabilities and bring about economically viable recycling and recovery systems using waste from composites and complex plastic materials whose characteristics make them difficult to recycle. The mission of the OSIRIS network is to become a national and international benchmark, equipped with the necessary capabilities to boost recycling this waste through innovative initiatives that improve the profitability of the recycling process and generate market-oriented high added value intermediates, in a global environment of collaboration between Technology Centres and Businesses. This mission will involve developing skills in technologies concerning:
  • Advanced separation to break up multi-material waste (complex laminates, products stuck together, …): enzyme or biological treatments, green solvents, photochemical or thermal processing.
  • Identification and separation of pollutants and foreign matter in waste flows using new technologies. Hyperspectral camera and imaging systems (HSI), LIBS, Raman.
  • Advanced mechanical recycling to obtain materials with minimum possible loss of characteristics: water-jet cutting, fragmentation by high voltage pulsing, hammer mill grinding and controlled separation in co-rotating twin-screw extruder systems.
  • Chemical recycling by promoting process efficiency, use of new catalysts and subsequent processing stages to obtain monomers, oligomers and oils that can be reused.
  • Waste recovery technology to generate intermediate products using purification processes, synthesis of new polymers, making organosheets, SMC/BMS with recycled material.
In turn, the OSIRIS network drives the whole Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System, with a clear vocation to disseminate and transfer its results to the business world, promoting participation from companies in national and international research projects (Horizon Europe).