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Hilaturas Miel SL


Hilaturas Miel SL, Himiesa, is a spinning mill for acrylic yarns and their blends for the last 35 years.

Fibers used, among others, are acrylic fiber, wool, polyamides, polyester and viscose, always in long staple fiber and starting from the materials in color to be able to obtain quality yarns both in color and in hand feeling. From the basic yarns, the company develops a variety of yarns that make up the Himiesa catalog. Always in a continuous molding to what the market demands and looks for, the best effect for the final garment.

Himiesa is representing, through its subsidiary Medesfil, the world’s leading polyester company, Reliance, in different markets around the world. Manufacturing also air-textured yarns in their facilities with the most modern machine for this purpose.

Knitwear: Yarns widely appreciated in this field for the manufacture of sweaters, scarves, hats, sneakers, etc.

Home Textile: With the incorporation of air-textured yarns and filaments from the represented company, Reliance, Himiesa supplies all types of yarns to the main customers in the home furnishing sector. To warp, to weave, as well as fancy yarn components.